The Wine Lab was founded with the idea that everyone should have the chance to study wine without pretension or intimidation.  We have set up our classes with a "Lab" in mind instead of a lecture or a seminar so every student is learning through their own experiences. 

Each class is led by an expert in the field with guest appearances by winemakers, grape growers, cheese producers and even chocolate makers. 

The Wine Lab is the creation of Jen Brady. She has been in the industry for 9 years having started in the culinary mecca that is the San Francisco Bay Area.  She spent 5 life-changing years studying all things edible.  She worked and studied at a premier Napa Valley winery educating the public and designing their food and wine programs.  At the same time, she took every wine class imaginable in Napa and Sonoma, watched the seasons change as she worked in a vineyard for a year, asked a million questions every time she met a grape grower or winemaker and even brewed beer, made cheese and roasted coffee in her spare time.  She was hooked.  After 5 years it was time to go back home to NY.  Her dream was to eventually open a Wine School but it wasn't quite the right time.  She, instead, decided to pursue a career in the restaurant industry where she has worked in several highly regarded restaurants in Manhattan being both a general manager and beverage director. She is currently a restaurant consultant, wine educator and also the beverage director at a restaurant on the Upper East Side.